Jake was born in Princeton, New Jersey in the BioWeapons division of San Monto Laboratiories some time in 1996. Originally designated Subject #752518, he named himself ‘Jake’ when he learned to speak. Despite an ornery disposition and obvious problems with authority, he was subjected to gene therapy and various types of radiation, which resulted in his developing special abilities desirable for black ops missions. He was trained in a variety of combat arts, including brazilian ju-jitsu, krav-maga, and boxing, though he seems to prefer brawling.

The head researches had called for Jake to be destroyed, as they believed that it would be difficult to control him, as the spectacular violence of his first few missions indicated. However, the decision was made to move him into the advanced phase of the program.

When San Monto’s experiments were shut down in 1997, the outcry for Jake to be destroyed was once again ignored, and General Witherspore noted in his report that it would likely take a nuclear weapon to kill him. He was placed into an adoption program designed to ease the integration of San Monto’s wide range of talking animals into society. Nadine Richards, a law student from Trenton, New Jersey adopted Jake, completely unaware of his background and bad habits, namely smoking, swearing and assassinations.

After some particularly brutal killings of prominent dictators, Nadine represented Jake at his trial and won a landmark decision which later led to the passage of the Anthropomorphic Accountability Act, which provided amnesty for misguided behavior due to San Monto’s influence. Shortly after this, Jake participated in a ‘rematch’ race against Herbie the Tortoise, an event to which tickets were sold and bets were taken at 200 to 1 odds. Jake lost the race, and later claimed that sleeping pills had been put in his carrot juice.

After this Jake disappeared until late 2011. It is rumored that during his ‘disappearance’ he was working for the PWN (Penguins with Nukes), but he refuses to discuss his activities from 1998 until his re-emergence, when Nadine found him lying unconscious in the street with a duffel bag stuffed with $100 bills. It was at this point that Jake applied for a super hero license, and was rejected three times. His first few attempts at vigilante justice resulted in a media scandal, with criminals claiming to be victims of a violent, psychotic rabbit. This was further exacerbated by Jake’s tendency to leave notes with the tied-up baddies, and though he wanted to be known as the Evening Hare, his poor penmanship earned him the epithet “the Evil Hare.” To this day, he is generally believed to be a villain, and although his heroic acts in the events which took place in his first week as an unlicensed superhero were commended by the government, he was only granted an unofficial super hero license, and all governmental authorities insist on publicly denouncing him as a political liability.

San Monto’s experiments granted Jake a wide variety of special abilities, including genius-level intelligence, remarkable speed and agility, strength equivalent to that of a small baboon, and greatly accelerated healing. it was further discovered during the Week One fiasco that he apparently possesses a skeleton made of unobtainium.

He lives with his legal guardian and attorney, Nadine Richards, and continues to fight crime one beating at a time.. when he isn’t finding some way to get in trouble.



including tremendous agility and speed, impressive reflexes, strength comparable to that of a small orangutan, and greatly accelerated healing.